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Fishermen catch spider crab the size of a small dog

Fishermen catch spider crab the size of a small dog Fishermen in China have reeled in a giant spider crab, the size of a small dog. The six-legged crustacean has a body the size of a dinner plate and weighs about 9 lb (4 kg). Spider crabs are not normally considered dangerous to humans, but they can pinch with their claws if threatened. The fishermen who caught the crab say they will release it back into the water. Giant spider crab caught off coast of Cornwall A giant spider crab has been caught by a fisherman off the coast of Cornwall. The crab is reported to weigh around 10kg and measure almost 1 metre in width. Giant spider crabs are typically found in the deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, but specimens have been known to wander further south in recent years due to changing ocean temperatures. Despite their name, giant spider crabs are not true spiders, but are instead members of the crustacean family. They are characterised by their spindly limbs and large

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